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Addoony Eye Brush Set أدوني: طقم فرش العين - ١٢ فرشاة متكاملة

QAR 550

Enhance your makeup using these premium luxurious brushes from Addoony.

Elegantly packaged in a pull-out box and a washable pouch, these 12 brushes for eye deliver expert-level results. You can make virtually any eye look with these brushes. All are different from the Full sets.

The hair material is chosen carefully for the exact task the brush is performing. Handle and ferrule was designed to make the job really effortless and practical.

From pony hair to premium goat hair, the brushes give you the softest touch on the eye area and yet fantastic results.

The set includes:

12 eye brushes.


  • Each brush is carefully handmade from the finest of hair and handles were painted multiple times to ensure durability
  • Cruelty-free

How to Use

Wash your brushes occasionally with gentle brush soap and let them dry hanging upside down. As with all brushes made with natural hair, some shedding may occur during the first few uses.


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