Addoony Cosmetics By Dana Alghorab

Addoony is named after the owner and CEO Dana, her nick name. She is a Qatari entrepreneur, wife and a mother, who have been achieving great goals in her life.  She is a watercolor artist and extended her love of art into makeup.

Addoony Cosmetics monogram is inspired by the artistic vision she has for the brand, taking elements from the Qatari culture.


Based on many years of her expertise in the makeup industry, Addoony provided some extraordinary tools that meet the highest standards of the market, as well as her customers’ expectations.


Addoony Cosmetics is a luxury sophisticated brand with a goal to make the process of doing makeup delightful and to complement our middle eastern skin tones while paying tribute to the Arabic language and Qatari Culture.
  • Company Name: Addoony Cosmetics
  • Address: Bin Omran, Alrabiyah Building 4, first floor.
  • Email: