Addoony Cosmetics

Addoony Individual Definiton Eye Brushes فرش أدوني الخاصة بالتحديد

QAR 55

Duo Brow Brush - ع 401 :  (Synthetic Hair)

A double-ended eyebrow brush. It draws a very fine hairline and can be used with cream products.

Flat Eyeliner Brush - ع402 :  (Synthetic Hair)

A unique eyeliner brush. With the correct pressure can create thick and thin lines to give you the perfect cat eye

Rounded Definer Brush - ع 403 :  (Synthetic Hair)

A round definer to outline the lower lash line or highlight the brow bone

Flat Definer Brush - ع 404 :  (Synthetic Hair)

Flat definer with a very thin end. Gives you the desired line for the lower lash or an eyeliner

Stiff Brow Brush - ع 405 :  (Ferret Badger Hair)

A Brow brush from Ferret Badger hair. It has strong and little bit tough bristles. Perfect for powder application or blending any brow powder/ pencil into place

Pointy Eyeliner Brush - ع 406 :  (Synthetic Hair)

 A Pointy eyeliner brush with a precise application. Gives you the cat eye like professionals

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