Addoony Beauty

Addoony Individual Cheeks Face Brushes فرش أدوني الخاصة بالخدين

QAR 55

Bronzer Brush - 301 و : (Synthetic Hair)

A large bronzer brush that it's perfect to spread the powder on the cheeks and give the airbrushes look

Small Contour Brush - 302 و : (Synthetic Hair)

A small contour, bronzer or blush brush. It has a medium application.

Highlight Brush - 303 و : (Goat Hair)

A highlighter Brush that spread the powder in medium to intense application. Perfect Also for setting under eye powder.

Setting Brush - 304 و : (Synthetic Hair)

An under Eye setting brush, or a highlighter brush. The unique and length of the bristles has an effect on the application making it very soft and flawless

Diffused Highlight Brush 305 و : (Synthetic Hair)

A rather long highlighter brush gives the natural glow and diffused strike of highlight.

Angled Contour Brush - 306 و : (Synthetic hair)

An angled blush/Bronzer brush gives you the right blending and spreading of color

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