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Addoony Proven Lipstick (Fitna) روج - فتنة

QAR 105

Addoony Proven Lipstick


Addoony Proven Lipstick is a semi matte lipstick. A new MATTE generation formula that doesn’t give you a dull look or dry sensation on the lips.

This formula gives a 3D final result. It’s full coverage, deep color, soft luminous, and extreme comfort lipstick.



Proven formula to be full coverage and soft to your lips at the same time.

Proven wear time to work under pressure of drinking and eating 

Proven shades to match every mood and occasions


Why it’s good:

Contains (Vitamin E)  as an antioxidant and skin conditioning.

Doesn’t contain Animal Origins Ingredients/  Mineral  oils/ Petrolatum / Parabens

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