Addoony Cosmetics

Addoony Draw & Define Brow Pen - Rasas أدوني درو آند ديفاين قلم حواجب - رصاص

QAR 95

Extra thin tip pen, perfect for drawing very thin lines with great ease and a natural effect.


Apply Addoony Brow Pen (Draw & Define) before any other product, on CLEAN eyebrows, without makeup and Skincare residues.

Make small strokes from bottom to top following the inclination of the eyebrow hairs.

The lighter the line you draw, the more realistic the effect will be and it will simulate the hair of your eyebrows.

Tips for keeping the product always perfect:

In case of failure to release the ink, moisten the tip with a drop of water to eliminate the oily substances on the skin that prevent the release of the color or a failure to close the cap hermetically. Drain the excess water gently onto a small piece of absorbent paper.


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