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Addoony Ramadan Blend & Puff Special Edition Box بوكس أدوني الرمضاني

QAR 195

A set of 2 meroon teardrop-shaped sponges، 2 minis, and 2 powder velour puffs , and 1 addoony proven lipstick .

1: The large flat end can be used to smooth over the foundation, while the tapered point is perfect for blending concealer over more targeted areas of your face. We also love flipping it on its side to blend out those defined lines involved with contouring.

2: The two minis are the same as the regular blender materials. It is perfect for wrinkles, under-eye areas, corners of the nose, brow bones, lips, and any other small areas that need to be taken care of.

3: The Powder Puffs - velvety material picks up fine powder nicely. The pointed corners help pat powder into tight areas and small corners like the space between the nose and eyes. The bottom part is for quick and even makeup on the whole face.

4.Addoony Proven Lipstick is a semi matte lipstick. A new MATTE generation formula that doesn’t give you a dull look or dry sensation on the lips.This formula gives a 3D final result. It’s full coverage, deep color, soft luminous, and extreme comfort lipstick.

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